Have you ever been in a car that needed a tune-up?   We’ve all been there.  Maybe it was a loose belt that wouldn’t stop squeaking, or a flat tire, or maybe even bad shocks or the need for an alignment.  No matter who you are, every now and then, you need tune-ups, just like cars need tune-ups.  When that car needs attention and maintenance, we take it to the mechanic.  We know that if the issues are not resolved, it could lead to a breakdown, or a crash!  We pay a small price (or a big one), to fix what’s important to us.  We find the time, because our need is great!  We too are like cars, in that we need maintenance, every now and again.  Maybe you’re on path toward a collision or need to realign those priorities.  Is your “check engine” light on?  It may be time for a tune-up.  


Many people hope to succeed.  They think, “If I could only get that ONE key, or figure out a way to open up that ONE door, or if I met that ONE influential person, my life would be great, and all of my problems would disappear!”

What if the problem is that we seek ONE experience, but forget about the combination of skills and experiences needed to succeed?  The collection of important experiences, know-how, passion, drive, wisdom and many more skills create successful people-not just ONE.

If you remember anything, remember this: You can learn from anyone!  Ask questions and keep an open mind.  Who will you talk to today?

It’s Okay

Have you ever felt like a bad person?  Do you feel that people judge or condemn you for making mistakes?  It’s okay.  You see, what makes you a bad person, is believing that you are.  No matter your past history or failed pursuits, it’s okay.  You can’t do anything about the past.  There’s no amount of money or magic that will change it. It’s not that your past has a hold of you, it’s that you have a hold of your past.  When we do this, it’s nearly impossible to have a hold on your future.  For some reason, we think everyone else is perfect (unfortunately). But the truth is, we are all human and we all make mistakes.  Surround yourself with people who build you up.  Keep moving and focus on the future you.  Know that the best is yet to come!

Jay Martinez

I am a Personal Consultant/Life Coach who loves to help people get to where they want to be in their lives. I believe you already have the tools to be successful, and I will help you discover them along your journey. I can help you with the problem you’re stuck in. I will help you discover the strategies to open doors in your life, and together, we will come full force and overcome your problem. You are not alone. So be ready. Be excited. Because when you work with me you get more than an hour of person reflection.  We talk, we will strategize, and we will create a plan that is tailor made for you.

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