My Story

In 2003 I was discovering more about myself and my what my passions in life were for. As I worked with inner city families, was a bootcamp instructor for inner city kids, spoke and worked in life skill training programs, and worked with countless people suffering from substance abuse, I realized that what I value most is helping people from all walks of life get to where they want to be.

My defining moment came when I was working a day job and rushing to get to my clients after the full day’s work. I was stressed out and I was exhausted.  I realized that I needed to give my full time and attention to the job I was passionate about – to helping people.  I conducted a survey of people I had worked with and every one of them so valued their experience with me that they recommended I open my own Personal Consultant/Life Coach business. Now I am able to devote all my time and my resources to doing what matters most – investing all I have to bring people to success in their lives.