The Real Identity Theft

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Identity theft – a modern day issue that affects many.

People steal your credit cards, get into your checking account and with your money take vacations, buy cars, eat expensive dinners and the list goes on. The blow can be devastating when you receive a letter or call saying you owe money you didn’t spend.  Faced with the potential of destroyed credit, you realize someone has stolen your identity. The looming reality of police reports, calls to financial institutions, credit companies and most of all the time it will take for YOU to get YOUR identity back can be overwhelming.

But in all reality – your identity was not stolen.  Your identity on paper may have been tampered with but you still know who you are. Everything that encompasses you – your essence and being, cannot be stolen by electronics and hacking. When you are unsure of who you really are, you become vulnerable to a much deeper form of identity theft :  Theft of your soul.  When trials and tribulations hit hard; when relationships fall through or someone close to you passes away; when you feel like nothing is working out, your identity is being transformed into something you don’t want.  You begin to listen to surrounding negativity and think, “maybe that relationship ending was my fault,” or “I’m no good for anything” and so on.  This is true identity theft.

When you know who you are, no one can tell you who you are not. So do you truly know who you are? Do you know who you are when life isn’t perfect? Do you know who you are when all you feel is life raining down on you every single day? If you want to attain that solid grasp on your spirit, if you want to protect yourself against true identity theft, there are three things you can do:

In the same way people can take away from you, they can also enrich your life. It’s a matter of you making the choice to surround yourself with positive influences. A conscious decision. You do not have to cut ties with all your existing friends but choose your new friends and those who will be closest to you very carefully.  Look for people who will encourage you and never put you down.  You need people who are honest. Don’t let people take away from what you should become. Surround yourself with people who make forward progress, who know where they are going – even if they aren’t there yet.  Those people will motivate you and you will in turn motivate them. It is easier to turn a slow car than a parked car.

If I know I am supposed to be a doctor or a painter or architect, I will press toward that goal. I will not let lack of finances,  family support or even a disability stop me from reaching my goals in life. Before I can become a doctor in the eyes of the world, my mind must be made up that I WILL be, that it is in my DNA to be a doctor.  That kind of conviction and purpose will allow for nothing to stop me. When life situations take the wind out of you, when you were thriving and now you just want to pull over and cry, whatever that problem is, is does NOT define who you are.  You can overcome anything. And when you come out of it, you will be stronger and wiser. Let that strength define you. Your identity cannot be what you do for a living or defined by material things.

It is not always who you listen to but often WHAT you listen to. When you listen to the news you’re not hearing a lot of positivity. Your emotional “cup” gets filled with negativity.  Be careful what you read online and the music you listen to.  When you surround yourself with negativity it affects you – your mood, your choices, your whole day. When you engulf your mind with tragedy it does add to you but not in a good way. Here is some homework :  listen to nothing but positive music, tv, and online media. Just see what a difference that makes.  Surrounding yourself with positivity will enrich your life and bring out the person you should be.  Everything you take in, what you hear, what you read, what you see, it all adds to your life. You can choose whether that will fill you with motivation or whether it will take away from who you should become.

No one owns your identity but you. It is in your power to be the person you want to be.